Pack Your Bags

Well it looks to be that time again.

This marks the last Sunday before preliminary shooting starts on my next project. I’m not necessarily sworn to secrecy, but perhaps we’ll wait a little while before letting the cat out of the bag. Yes, it will be in the sports realm. And yes, it will be a documentary. In the initial stages this one looks to be an hour long; which will be a first. Seven segments is a little more daunting than four.

Canon EOS C100My notebook is filled with ideas which have then been scratched out only to later be circled when I realized I liked it after all. The latest storyline came this morning as I was standing in the shower. I wrote three words on the steamed up glass door as not to forget. The lesson in all of this, always keep a notepad close.

It looks like shooting will take place over a six week span and will bring me into at least a pair of new cities. I’ll be reunited with a good friend on the upcoming project, the Canon 5D Mark II; however, I also hope to break in a Canon C100 – the latest addition to their esteemed cinema line.

I will be teaming up with Sabre Dane Walker once again. He came in for episode five of All For One. I’ve been itching for the chance to get a camera back in his hands – and the footage in mine.

So cheers to summer. These past two days on the balcony will have to do.


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