Stories Within Stories

Why don’t we do it in the Road? from chris purcell on Vimeo.

I’m running a bit of a theme right now, if you haven’t already noticed. There have been so many great examples of the various elements of story telling. I’d be remiss to not share them all.

Of all of London’s land marks, there are few I am drawn to as much as Abbey Road. I’ve always been a sucker for the Beatles. The first album I purchased was Help! (hold your judgement). You see, Abbey Road isn’t any great construct of human hands. It’s not held up by marble pillars or overlook some breathtaking bay. The Roman’s didn’t leave it behind for future civilizations. It’s a street crossing. That’s it. And with that same simplicity the album cover was made great.

When sharing the story (and video) of photographer Art Shay the other day I spoke of how a full story arc is comprised of many smaller stories, all of which intertwine and build toward the overall tale.

Chris Purcell’s piece on Abbey Road too uses multiple smaller stories, however instead of using them to support the story arc Purcell chose to use them to slowly reveal it.

We are introduced not to the band nor the cross walk, not the studio or album, but instead a light. A steady light. Slowing ticking away through wind and rain, both night and day. It is given a personality of it’s own, personifying perseverance and hard work.

And then it stops.

At that very moment I had no clue what story was being told or where I was being lead, but it had captured my interest. And by the end, after all the other pieces had been revealed, the story of the steady light had its place.

It’s all about stories within stories. That’s how you tell your tale and capture the interest of your viewers. How you use them, whether to support or to reveal, is completely up to you.


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