Cul-de-Sac from Connor Simpson on Vimeo.

I spent Friday working on a new trailer for All For One. With exciting news on the horizon, it called for an extended trailer plus TV spots which will be completed this week. The trailer opens in black and white. It’s a style I’ve used sparingly, but always enjoyed.

The above video caught my attention when I came across it today because it captures everything I like about black and white. It adds an air of seriousness to the story you’re telling. It’s as if colour is a privilege granted to stories with happier tones. Robbing the video of colour removes distraction and draws the focus. It compels one to listen.

Connor Simpson directed (and edited) this compelling story, teaming up with DP Marc Patterson. The only regret is that the shot used for the thumbnail isn’t at all in the video. It’s such a strong image.

Enjoy the video, the story, and the lack of colour.


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