1000 fps

Let me know when you see Fire from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

Have you ever wondered what 1000 fps looks like? I sure have.

I’ve begun to spread my wings around the cinema blogosphere and recently came across the folks at Digital-Cinematography.net. They were recently given first crack at the Phantom Flex4K, pretty swanky given that it’s a a camera valued north of $100K. I can’t imagine what the work flow looks like for 1000 fps at 4K. I’m guessing it stores somewhere in the ballpark of 4TB per second.

Especially in the sports world, the ability to slow time seems almost as valuable as the ability to foresee the future. Turning one second into 40 seems almost magical and the footage is captivating.

A buddy of mine directed an eight-part series on the Toronto Raptors for NBA TV Canada entitled Open Gym. They had a chance to break in a Phantom cam during a day of shooting with one of the rookies on the practice court. Dunking at an incredibly high frame rate is stunning. It’d be an early Christmas if I am able to get my hands on one of my own this year… if it’s in the budget, of course.

Catch a full write-up of the Phantom Flex4K from the folks at Digital-Cinematography.net. Tip of the hat to cinematographer Greg Wilson and director Brendan Bellomo on the breathtaking video.

With the frame rate going through the roof, it’s becoming increasingly easier to find time to stop and smell the roses.


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