Canon Raw

Genesis from James Miller on Vimeo.

The folks at Magic Lantern have been doing some magical things. The independent Canon firmware developer has been able to tap into the Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III’s raw video output and channel it onto the CF card. With the aid of the firmware, both EOS 5D models are now able to reliably produce 2K video with higher resolutions able to record in just short bursts. I am sure further updates are in store.

The early videos coming out from indie videographers have been eyeopening. With low-price 4K camera options on the market – most notably from Blackmagic – the work from Magic Lantern has once again revitalized the 5D’s relevance on an ever-changing landscape. James Miller’s Mark III footage from around the Brighton area is both stunning and captured in my favourite light – the evening’s gold.

Through more than 130 years of motion picture ‘new wave’ may be the most abused term. Perhaps it’s because those who sat in my seat – earnestly trying to convey the shift a technology or technique will make on the current process – realized they were better with shot composition than sentence structure. So until I’m struck with some profound phrase that more aptly describes this quasar shift, I’ll simply leave you with this video to enjoy.


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