Starting from Scratch

I’ve always been keen on writing. It was an addiction that first took root in journal writing before I left elementary school. The pen scripted stories of movies I’d watched, music I’d listened to and tales of how I utterly wasted every day until summer and then every day after.

TypewriterAs the days rolled on the subject matter changed. I first strolled into indie album reviews before rocking on to big block engines and small block turbos. I took to the ice and tackled the great game of hockey only to have things evolve even further. As much as I’d like to say I’m starting from scratch, this is really chapter three of a much larger tale. But this chapter starts here.

You see as the topic matter continues to change, so must the mediums in which it is conveyed. My childhood notebook wouldn’t do much good when trying to share with you my favourite sequence in a recent movie. At least not with YouTube and Vimeo now just a click away.

So as I ring in a new chapter, I introduce a fresh start. One of sensors and sliders; framing and floodlights; lenses and.. well.. something else that starts with L. I’m going to share what I’m learning, and I implore you do the same. By iron, iron is sharpened. Right? So please, I encourage you to write as much as I do.


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